Registration for 15MSP will be completed through an online system, where personal registration information will need to be entered.

Upon entering the system, all the requested information must be completed. When completing the registration, it will be necessary to submit a digital photograph in JPG format with a size of 300x400 dpi (passport size). The file should be saved under the passport number or identity card number, whichever is appropriate.

In addition to completing the accreditation process described above, each delegation must also send a diplomatic note to notify the delegation to the Office of the United Nations Disarmament (Geneva Office). The note should be sent to the following address:

Mr. Peter Kolarov
Office of Disarmament Affairs (Geneva Branch)
Palais des Nations, Room C-109
Avenue de la Paix 8 – 14
1211 Geneva 10 - Switzerland
Fax: 00 41 22 917 00 34

Only when each delegate has completed the two steps of the registration process will a confirmation of participation be sent.

The deadline for registration is November 11th 2016


• Delegates are reminded that the 15MSP will be a "paperless" conference, meaning that no documents will be printed during the meeting.

• The space available for delegations is 1 + 1. Delegations with more than two members will be able to access adjoining rooms where they can follow the event by closed circuit TV. Additional space in the plenary room will be made available depending on the final number of attendees

• Delegations or attendees who wish to make a presentation should ideally deliver to the Executive Secretariat their presentation in advance in PDF format ideally to do the necessary tests and avoid setbacks.

• The deadline to register for the trip to Arica is 15.11.16